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The Rehumanization EP: CD
  • The Rehumanization EP: CD
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Jon Crowley: The Rehumanization EP

1) Without You
2) I'll be Fine Without You
3) And We Talked All Night
4) It's Hard to Try


Jon Crowley- Trumpet
John Beaty- Alto Sax
Noah Berman- Guitar, Effects
Brad Whiteley- Piano, Organ
Ben Thomas- Bass
Max Maples- Drums

Lonely Crow Records 2014

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At The Edge
  • At The Edge
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  1. In Real Life
  2. Find Me
  3. ...And then one day, its all over
  4. At the Edge
  5. Remembering the Details
  6. Sadness, Suffering, Hope, Triumph
  7. Because you Believe
  8. Progress
  9. Because you Care
  10. Shine
  11. Patience
  12. Fixation
  13. These Four Walls

Jon Crowley- Trumpet, Fender Rhodes(track 7)
Jeremy Udden- Alto Sax
Julian Pollack - Piano, Fender Rhodes
Julian Smith- Acoustic Bass
Ziv Ravitz- Drums

Recorded April 20th and 21st, 2011 @ Systems II Studios, Brooklyn NY
Lonely Crow Records 2011
All compositions by Jon Crowley
Copyright and Published JonCrowleyMusic ASCAP

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  • Connections
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  1. Connections
  2. Momentum
  3. Bass Intro
  4. Tabula Rasa
  5. Vista
  6. Ambrosia
  7. Icarus
  8. Right Now
  9. City Mood
  10. Decision

Jon Crowley- Trumpet, Flugelhorn
John Beaty- Alto Sax
Yayoi Ikawa- Piano
Peter Schwebs- Acoustic Bass
Nick Anderson- Drums

Recorded Jan 28th and 29th 2009 @ Systems II studios, Brooklyn
Lonely Crow Records 2009
All Songs by Jon Crowley
Published, and copyright JonCrowleyMusic ASCAP

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'Don't Vibe Me.' T-shirt
  • 'Don't Vibe Me.' T-shirt
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Have you ever been "vibed"?
Maybe you were and you didn't even know it?!
What is "Vibe-ing"?

"To Vibe(verb): to give someone attitude (either actively or passively). It can be as obvious as mouthing off, or as subtle as giving the cold shoulder. Why do people vibe one another? it’s used as an attempt to tip the ‘social-status’ scales because for some reason, the viber has a need to express dominance. Nobody likes being vibed, but there are always people who do it. It’s always inappropriate and uncalled for. I’m sure it has become habitual for some. Nothing positive comes from vibe-ing. Bottom line: Don’t do it. Ever."
-Chris Donnelly (Toronto Pianist)

The Vibing is over! I had these made to raise money for my last album. They are nice, soft 100% cotton American Apparel Fitted T's and I'm pricing them to move. So get 'em while supplies last!

We can end Vibe-ing in our lifetime!!!

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